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    Our member professionals understand the importance of time, safety and money associated with your vehicle and purpose it plays in your daily life. Whether you are restoring a vehicle that is very sentimental or repairing your daily driver you depend on, it is important us that it is done right, in a timely manner, and treats your pocketbook with kindness.

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The APA Difference

How is APA different to other review and referral websites out there?

The main difference is that the APA is not a review or referral website.  It is an organized network of quality service providers in the automotive industry that have agreed to work together in order to create a higher standard to which all of the members are held accountable by their peers.  There is a measureable difference in simply being a part of a service that you pay for and being a member of a network of peers with whom you share a common desire for integrity in your industry.  Word-of-mouth and friend-to-friend marketing is something that everyone loves and no one wants to ruin, it is guarded by relationship.  Therefore both members and the consumers that use their services are highly regarded, respected and cared for.

The other difference is that it doesn't cost the consumer anything in the form of a fee, nor the requirement to sign-up or sign into anything in order to find a quality Automotive Professional to fulfill their automotive needs and still receive the savings being offered from that provider.


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